Suchitwa Mission

Suchitwa Mission, under the Local Self Government Department, is responsible for evolving implementation strategy, providing policy in the sector of various waste management issues (solid and liquid) and has been functioning as the nodal agency for assisting Cities, Municipalities and Panchayats in all waste management aspects. Suchitwa Mission (SM) was formed by by integrating the kerala Total Sanitation and Health Mission (KTSHM) and Clean Kerala Mission (CKM)., Malinya Mukta Keralam (MMK) a comprehensive action plan, has been prepared for tackling the issues and challenges in the seven components of sanitation accepted universally, i.e., safe disposal of human excreta, home sanitation and food hygiene, personal hygiene, solid waste management, liquid waste management, safe handling of drinking water and community environmental sanitation.

The Important Mandates of the Mission are:

  • Assist Cities, Municipalities and Panchayats to evolve policies and strategies for the preparation of Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) and programmes for solid and liquid waste management in the State.
  • Scrutinize the DPRs prepared by Cities, Municipalities and Panchayats and to see whether the DPRs adhere to prevalent Acts and rules, viz, The Municipal Solid Wastes (Management & Handling) Rules, 2000,Kerala Municipality Act 1994 and Kerala Panchayat Raj Act 1994 and also related legislations.
  • Facilitate the preparation of detailed project reports (DPRs) by providing technical training to concerned staff of LSGIs and by consultations at individual LSGI levelAssist Cities.
  • Municipalities and Panchayats by providing technical approvals for their projects envisaged for solid and liquid waste management and providing grants which are allocated by Government from time to time.
  • Coordinate various activities under Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC), now renamed as Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan (NBA) sponsored by the Government of India (Executive Director, Suchitwa Mission is the State Coordinator of NBA).
  • Coordinate various activities under Integrated Low cost Sanitation(ILCS) sponsored by the Government of India implemented in 8 urban local bodies (Suchitwa Mission is the State Level Nodal Agency for ILCS)
  • Organise appropriate Information, Education and Communication (IEC) activities aimed at the attitudinal and behavioural change of people at large and capacity development of all concerned stakeholders(Executive Director, Suchitwa Mission is the State Director of Communication and Capacity Development Unit, funded by the Government of India)
  • Channelise funds from Government of Kerala and Government of India to LSGIs for the Implementation of sanitation and waste management projects.

Projects Undertaken by Suchitwa Mission :-

  • Swachit Bharat Mission (Rural)
  • Swachit Bharat Mission (Urban)
  • Capacity & Communication Development Unit
  • City sanitation plant
  • Enhancing sanitation facilities in wetland catchments
  • Formation of Gas Crematoriam
  • Formation of Modern Butchery
  • Clean Kerala Programme – Solid and Liquid (Rural & Urban )


District Coordinator

District Suchitwa Mission
Third Floor, New Block, Civil Station,
Kakanad, Kerala

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